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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

When all lines go down in an emergency, one channel still remains

By KOMO Staff Reporters
Courtesy of KOMO TV

SEATTLE -- Chaos broke loose at the South Seattle Community College, where experts and volunteers simulated a citywide emergency on Saturday during a drill aimed to answer the question - what do you do when all lines of communication are down?

The drill, which was run by Seattle utilities and Seattle Auxiliary Communication Service, proved that ham radios are the answer.

Ham radios are the little-known backup tool that makes sure emergency crews know where they're needed most in case of a chaotic emergency. The ham radio operators with ACS can get messages across even when a storm knocks down trees and floods the streets.

"It's critical because nobody else can do this work," said Don Diebert.

Remember Morse code? Jim Hadlock is still fluent.

"You can get through with morse code with less power. It gets through noise better," he said. "It's easier to hear than a voice signal."

And the entire command center is portable. Operators can pass on critical information without even being plugged in.

Most people don't know about the critical need ham operators fill, but the lack of gratitude doesn't deter the operators.

"This has been my hobby for 50 years and it's important to me, and it's a way I can help the community," Hadlock said.

And when the community needs them most, the operators will be there.

Seattle Auxiliary Communications is always looking for volunteers. Those who want to help do not have to own a ham radio.

For more information on volunteering, visit the group's Web site.

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