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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It Seems to Us: Interoperability

By David Sumner, K1ZZ
October 1, 2007
Courtesy of ARRL Website


"Interoperability" is a big word with many different definitions depending on the context. In radio it means, broadly, the ability of operators or devices to communicate (that is, to exchange information) with one another. Interoperability normally refers to the characteristics of equipment rather than to operators although language and jargon also can be barriers to communication.


Public safety communicators have been grappling with the problem of interoperability for decades. When everyone used analog FM voice it was possible, in principle, to solve the problem simply by designating a common frequency. In practice it wasn't always that easy. Different agencies used different frequency bands, and even when they could get on the same frequency they couldn't talk very far and often used different jargon. The emergence of a variety of trunked and digital systems exacerbated the situation. Today there are technical solutions to the public safety interoperability problem -- but they depend on the availability of specific hardware, training, and a willingness on the part of agencies to relinquish control.

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